Citrix Advanced Session policy equivalents of default Classic expressions

A customer of mine recently asked for some help understanding why Citrix Gateway was not allowing external logons anymore, possibly combined with a recent upgrade to Citrix ADC VPX 13.0 Build 82.42.

He pointed out that there was an entry within the ns.log file which complained about a problem with ‘Ica mode status’, shown below:

Aug 6 11:39:59 08/06/2021:09:39:59 GMT citrix-netscaler 0-PPE-0 : default SSLVPN Message 586 0 : "Ica mode status is not okay"

Investigating further we could identify both successful LDAP authentication (basic LDAP auth attached directly to the Citrix Gateway vserver) and STA lookup, but the ADC wasn’t actually requesting any pages from the Storefront server URL defined in the session profile.

Searching for the error itself yielded one result which referred in particular to ‘Ica mode status’ :

Point #2 in the solution referred to switching the Classic expression in the session policy to an Advanced policy, however you cannot modify an existing policy without it switching back to the original setting. In order to bypass this limitation, create new session policies which use the Advanced expression equivalents to those created by the Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop ADC wizard available in the appliance.

See below screenshot for the before (first 2) and after (latter 2) Classic/Advanced equivalents.

Before (classic)

add vpn sessionPolicy PL_OS_192.168.200.190 "REQ.HTTP.HEADER User-Agent CONTAINS CitrixReceiver" AC_OS_192.168.200.190
add vpn sessionPolicy PL_WB_192.168.200.190 "REQ.HTTP.HEADER User-Agent NOTCONTAINS CitrixReceiver && REQ.HTTP.HEADER Referer EXISTS" AC_WB_192.168.200.190

After (advanced)

add vpn sessionPolicy PL_OS_192.168.200.190_Advanced "HTTP.REQ.HEADER(\"User-Agent\").CONTAINS(\"CitrixReceiver\")" AC_OS_192.168.200.190
add vpn sessionPolicy PL_WB_192.168.200.190_Advanced "HTTP.REQ.HEADER(\"User-Agent\").CONTAINS(\"CitrixReceiver\").NOT" AC_WB_192.168.200.190

Once the Advanced expression policies are bound to the vserver and the original Classic expressions have been removed – the initial problem is resolved and StoreFront loads successfully.

Whilst Citrix are advising that Citrix classic expression policies will be deprecated in ADC 13.1 it appears that some issues relating to session policies have crept in at/before 13.0 Build 82.42 which need to be carefully managed.

NB. It is possible to use a Citrix Advanced session policy with the Citrix ADC Gateway VPX license in this way. This isn’t the same as enabling nFactor Advanced Authentication policies as detailed by Carl Stalhood here:

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