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Cultural learnings of App-V and other short stories

App-V. Something which I have pushed to one side as a previously immature bolt-on to Terminal Services which surely couldn’t compete with the rich application packaging solutions of Citrix Streaming Profiler and Application Packager? But I have to admit, that App-V is quickly becoming a very useful addition to a Remote Desktop / XenApp virtualisation landscape which now in version 4.5 SP2 is starting to look very mature.

In terms of my initial foray in a lab environment it has not been straightforward. The terminology seems a little confusing, I mean a Streaming Server sounds different from a Management Server – and I didn’t realise at first that the Streaming Server is something which you could leave out entirely if you wished. All of the functionality is built in to the App-V management platform, so a Streaming Server is only appropriate if you’ve got clients running in a branch office.

The documentation flicks from one hyperlink to another in a bewildering fashion, but stick to the Prerequisites in order to get IIS and .Net application components installed successfully. You’ll need a database server installed before you start, I used SQL Server 2008 Express which was fine for my small lab.

Don’t forget that you can download the App-V group policy client ADM from here.

When connecting the App-V streaming client to your App-V centralised package server you may experience strange issues unless you use the fully qualified domain name within the host name field of the client.

Strangely – in a virtual environment the Application Virtualization Management Server service fails to start after boot. This can cause false starts if your clients can’t connect to the application services. More to follow on this one so check back again sometime soon..